apr-2021: New paper: Reorganization of nurse scheduling reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections.

jan-2021: New lab member. Benjamin Faucher is starting his internship. Benjamin will work on COVID-19 and interacting disease dynamics.

dec-2020: Chiara gives an invited talk at the Conference of Complex Systems 2020.

fall-2020: for the second year Chiara is teaching at the course Life Data Epidemiology of the master Physics of Data, at the University of Padova.

oct-2020: New lab member. Francesco Bonacina is starting his PhD co-supervised by Chiara and Maud Thomas at LPSM. Francesco will work on advance data analysis approaches and machine learning applied to the global epidemic circulation.

aug-2020: Chiara gives an invited talk at the Riyadh Global Digital Health Summit, G20 presidency associated event.

jul-2020: Beatriz has succesfully defended her internship project about the impact of the first-lockdown on the COVID-19 spreading dynamics in France.

jul-2020: Jesús has discussed his internship project about the modelling of digital contact tracing with multi-layer contact networks.

jul-2020: New lab member. Rania has joined the team as a Post Doc to work on the assessment of the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact of intervetions.

mar-2020: New lab members. Jesús and Beatriz are joining the lab for doing their internship in Physics of Complex Systems. Welcome!

feb-2020: Chiara gives an invited talk at the 11th Conference on Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences in Trento.

dec-2019: New preprint: Interplay between competitive and cooperative interactions in a three-player pathogen system. Check it out on arxiv.

nov-2019: Francesco Pinotti has defended his thesis and is now PhD. Francesco worked on multi-strain dynamics on networks. His thesis is available here. Congrats Francesco!

fall-2019: Chiara has been visiting professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Padova to teach at the course Life Data Epidemiology of the master Physics of Data. Wanderful experience!

oct-2019: New preprint: Reorganization of nurse scheduling reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections. Check it out on medRxiv.

oct-2019: Internships available! We are seaking for a Master 2 student in love with data, complex systems, ecology and pathogens to do an internship with us. Check out the internship subjects availalbe here.

jul-2019: Fabio Mazza succesfully defended his internship project Multiscale modeling of influenza viral emergence for the International Master in Physics of Complex Systems. Congrats Fabio!

jun-2019: Host contact dynamics shapes richness and dominance of pathogen strains is out on PLOS Comp Biol. We studied the ecology of an open population of SIS strains spreading on a temporal network, and we discussed the implications of these results for the spread of S. aureus in hospitals.

mar-2019: Chiara will give an invited talk at Complenet 2019.

feb-2019: Chiara will give a lecture Introduction to Network Epidemiology at the Winter Workshop of Complex Systems.

jan-2019: The project CompFlu has been funded by the program Emergence(s) de la Ville de Paris. For the next four years we will study influenza spread and evolution in France through a computational intensive model based on genetic and incidence data. INSERM press coverage here .