Francesco Bonacina

phd student

francesco.bonacina, curriculum vitae

Bio: Francesco holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and then a master's in Physics of Complex Systems. For his master project he studied a bipartite network of host-pathogen interactions, applying mathematical tools to deal with key epidemiological problems. Firstly, he identified the community of hosts which share similar pathogens, paying attention to avoid dataset bias due to sampling. Later, he used Bayesian inference to detect the host-pathogen interactions not reported in the dataset but with some probability to exist. Since October 2020 Francesco is working on his PhD project between IPLESP and LPSM in Paris co-supervised by Chiara Poletto and Maud Thomas.

Research activities: Fancesco is mainly interested in network theory, with focus on bipartite networks and on Bayesian reconstruction of networks from observational data, in time-series analyses and in statistical methods applied to epidemiology and ecology. He is currently studying the epidemics of influenza, in order to get a better understanding of the spatio-temporal patterns that characterize its global dissemination.